Cartoon Spotlight – Don’t Text the Bears

Don't text the bears cartoon in newspaper
It’s always exciting to see my cartoons in print. While I don’t like to include every single instance of a cartoon published in print, I felt this was such an interesting and unexpected use of a cartoon that it had to be shared.  

The “Don’t Text the Bears” cartoon ran a few weeks back in a California newspaper called The Mountain Enterprise. This is one of the many things I love about cartooning: the random stories that take place and how such a simple thing can still have a dramatic effect. 

The cartoon was submitted to the editor by Dawn Jenkins, one of my blog followers in California, who felt —strangely enough to me at the time— that the cartoon was timely and helpful to their cause. Thanks Dawn!

Dawn Jenkins’ excellent blogs can be found here:


You see, their area is in a public education war to get city people to stop feeding wildlife because it creates habituated bears who lose their fear of people. The result is very bad for the bears. As it is said, “A Fed Bear Is a Dead Bear.”

Long story short, when you put something out into the world, you never know how God is going to use it, who it will reach, or why. 

Thanks again to all who’ve been “liking” and sharing the cartoons with others like CRAZY the past few weeks!!!!!

Special thanks also to the good people at The Mountain Enterprise newspaper.  

Visit The Mountain Enterprise newspaper website at  




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